how is a body prepared for cremation

How Is a Body Prepared for Cremation?

When someone dies, there are only two ways that the body may be disposed: 1. It can be buried; or 2. It can be cremated. Cremation is becoming more and more popular in the US and that has been the tendency for the last few years and it seems that it will keep on growing. Read on to learn how is a body prepared for cremation?

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pet urns for large dogs

Pet Urns for Large Dogs

One day, sooner or later your big dog will pass away. At we carry Pet Urns for Large Dogs, we have a wide selection of Dog Urns as a fundamental part of our collection of pet urns.
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how to design your own urn

How to Design Your Own Urn

At we have been in business for over 10 years and we have seen many different urns, designs, sizes, etc. and we have learned that many, many people love that unique urn that resembles who the loved one was. Learn how to design your own urn in honor of your loved one.
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personalized dog urns

Personalized Dog Urns

Our pets are most of the time very special to us, they become and are part of the family. We want to have the best possible remembrance of our dogs, and we want to make it special, so we look for Personalized Dog Urns.
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how to open an urn

How To Open An Urn

How to open an urn? It varies very much. From a simple wooden urn that will open through the bottom using regular screws, to a very sophisticated 14K gold cremation jewelry that uses a special kit to open, close and seal the opening... Read this article to learn more!
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