Can Dog Ashes Be Stored in a Necklace?

There are at least 1.5 million pet cremations every year and over 1,000 pet crematoriums in the US. Americans consider their pets to be part of the family. They want to lay them to rest in a dignified manner while keeping them close. Cremation is one of the most common ways to achieve this.

69% of households in the US have dogs. They're the most popular pet, which also makes dog cremation the most popular type of pet cremation.

If you want a special way to store your pet's remains, read on to learn how to get a dog ashes necklace. 

How Ashes Become Jewelry

Deciding how to store your dog's ashes is a difficult process, but if you want to turn them into jewelry, you have 2 major options. They can either be turned into a diamond or mixed with glass.

Ashes become diamonds in a multi-step process. They first go into a crucible where the temperature reaches over 5,000°F. After a few weeks, the ashes will turn to graphite. This goes in a core with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal. 

The temperature is then set to 2,500°F and the seed crystal is put under 800,000lbs of pressure per square inch. After several weeks, the diamond this creates can be cut to your specifications. 

If you don't want a diamond, you can have a glass artist create a dog ashes necklace for you. They'll blow the glass at temperatures of over 2,000°F and incorporate the remains. The glass then cools over 12-48 hours. The artist can customize the piece to your specifications for its shape, color, and size.

Choosing A Dog Ashes Necklace

Choosing a necklace to hold your dog's ashes is almost like choosing any other piece of jewelry. You need to think about how it looks and what it means to you. 

Start by deciding what you want to attach to the necklace. This could be:

  • Ashes converted into a pendant or charm
  • Your dog's urn
  • A religious symbol such as a cross
  • A vial
  • A locket

You'll also have to decide what type of material you want the necklace to be made of. Wood creates a more casual look, while silver is more formal. 

Consider the shape of the item holding your dog's ashes, especially if you choose a pendant. Heart shapes are easy to tuck into your clothes during active pursuits. Angel wings are versatile and work with any outfit. 

Choose the right size for your necklace. This depends on the size of your dog, how you want it to look, and other factors.

Most of all, make sure that the necklace reminds you of your most precious pet memories. You could have it engraved with their name or a phrase that reminds you of them or or add an indent of their paw print.

Where to Buy a Dog Ashes Necklace

Dogs are family members, and cremation is a popular alternative to burial for them. Placing their remains in an urn or scattering them are a few options, but there are more personal alternatives.

A dog ashes necklace is a unique and beautiful way to store their remains and keep them close to you at all times. You'll have a lifelong keepsake to remind you of them. All you have to do is choose the right materials, shape, and size. offers a range of beautiful ways to honor your deceased family members. Browse our collection of pet cremation jewelry

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