How to Find a Necklace to Hold Ashes

The bittersweet day of receiving your loved one's ashes has finally arrived, but now you're left wondering...what's next?

After planning, deciding on funeral arrangements, and last wishes, you must now decide on a new home for their ashes. This can be a difficult decision if it's not included in their will, and especially hard if so many others cherished the one gone.

Often used throughout history to help overcome grief, a necklace to hold ashes may be the answer you're looking for. Not only are they durable and lightweight, you and everyone important can carry that special person with you everywhere you go.

Need help choosing the right necklace?

Here's a guide on how to pick the best cremation necklaces.

Choose a Necklace That Reminds You of Them

Sometimes all you have left are moments and fond memories that you and your loved ones once shared together. The best way to keep their presence alive is by choosing a themed necklace that reminds you of them. 

Themed necklaces not only represent who they were but can also tell the story of their journey. Here are a few examples:

  • Awareness themed necklaces are perfect for raising awareness on a cause your loved one supported or was a part of
  • Sports themed necklaces are ideal for remembering their favorite sports, or a sports-related memory
  • Nature-themed necklaces are a great remembrance of times you may have spent outdoors together
  • Pet-themed necklaces always remind you of the unconditional love you once shared with your animal companion

You can also choose to customize your cremation necklace designs by engraving initials or including significant dates. 

A Necklace to Hold Ashes That Blends With Everyday Wear

If you prefer to remember your loved ones in a less obvious way, you can opt for more subtle options. This allows you to wear the necklace in multiple settings and occasions without clashing with the chosen ensemble.

How do you decide which type of necklace matches your everyday life? Here are some things to consider:

The Material You Wear

Select the material that best fits you and your personality. If you consider yourself a relaxed or casual person, consider a natural wood material necklace. If you are someone who finds themselves in more business formal settings, a clean silver metal may be a better choice.

The Type of Pendant

Select a pendant type that fits all aspects of your life.

If you describe your lifestyle as active, heart-shaped pendants are easy to tuck in clothing for safekeeping. If you're looking for a pendant to match every style, angel wings provide versatility and can dress up or down any outfit.

We're Here for You During This Time

Whichever necklace to hold ashes you choose, let us help you commemorate the lives of those you miss. As a cremation jewelry provider, takes care of all the little details and delivers your jewelry right to your door. 

Check out our unique collections for more necklaces to hold ashes options.

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