What to Write in a Sympathy Card

Following the loss of a loved one, grief sets in. This process takes people through a roller coaster of feelings and emotions.

During this time, they may feel isolated and misunderstood. Knowing somebody truly cares and wants to understand can help the griever cope. 

You can show them your support through a sympathy card. Finding the right words may seem nearly impossible in a time like this.

Though an art, you can craft a heartfelt expression that will read like a linguistic hug. Read on to learn what to write in a sympathy card to help a friend in need.

Send Your Condolences

Saying 'sorry' or offering your condolences may seem cliche. But, think of why you apologize to make it truly mean something.

We often think of apologies as a confession of fault. In this instance, though, your deep sorrow and regret address the pain that they feel.

With this in mind, open with:

  • I'm so sorry...
  • My condolences...
  • My deepest regrets

They will appreciate the sentiment.

Express Your Feelings

Do you feel deeply saddened by the loss? Or, does your heart hurt for your friend? Maybe you feel utterly shocked.

Briefly express the way you feel. This may help them sort out their own emotions. Knowing you can relate to their own feelings may comfort your friend as well.

Write an Anecdote

Tell a short story that highlights the reputation of the lost loved one. If you did not know them well, acknowledge something that person did for your friend and speak to their beautiful character.

Good memories keep the spirit alive. It will also help them to know that you can see why the loss hurts them so deeply.

Create a Positive Outlook

Invite them out of the gloom. Do not do this by downplaying the loss or how they feel about it.

Instead, offer something inspirational. You might say:

  • They live on through the love you feel
  • Life set them free to rest in peace
  • It's God's turn to hold them close for now

Often, somebody else already said something perfectly to meet the occasion. Quote them if it adds a sense of peace, understanding, and/or love. Just keep in mind any religious or spiritual beliefs and remain sensitive to those.

Offer Something

Your friend needs people. They may not even know in what way they need you amidst the confusion.

End the sympathy card with an offer. Lend an ear or tell them that you will stop by with a home-cooked meal.

Also, leave them the option to tell you exactly what they need. But, make sure you follow through promptly.

Remain Genuine

Write from your heart. The most beautiful words will fall flat if you don't mean them.

What you write will carry the energy of your intentions. You never want to come across as insincere or that will only add insult to injury. Allow your heart to speak and they will feel every word as you intend.

You Know What to Write in a Sympathy Card

Only you can know exactly what to write in a sympathy card for your friend. Think about the person you're writing to and who they lost, then let the pen speak soul to soul.

With your sympathy card, send a special gift. An inspirational urn holds more than the ashes; it carries an unforgettable sentiment that they will never forget. Please contact us with any questions.

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