3 Things You Should Know About Cremation Burial Vault Dimensions

With the cost of funerals skyrocketing, more people choose to have their remains cremated. Over one-third of people who choose cremation request to have their remains interred in a cemetery. 

Most cemeteries require urns to be buried within an urn vault to protect the ashen remains and maintain the integrity of cemetery grounds.

With so many other concerns surrounding the death of a loved one, how do you choose an urn vault? What are the dimensions and other options?

Here are the three things you should know about cremation burial vault dimensions. 

  1. Urn Burial Vault Size Options

Just like urn sizes, dimensions for burial vaults vary. The general size guide for urns is one cubic inch for every pound of bodyweight pre-cremation. A standard adult urn is 200 cubic inches. 

Of course, there are also urns for infants, children, and couples that want their ashes together. The smallest urns are keepsake urns, ranging between one and 100 cubic inches. Companion urns are around 400 cubic inches and can be made with one or two compartments. 

As you can see, the wide range of urn sizes leads to a wide range of cremation burial vault sizes. When shopping for a cremation burial vault, examine the inside dimensions to ensure your urn will fit.

  1. Standard Cremation Burial Vault Dimensions

Cremation burial vaults usually measure between 500 and 2000 cubic inches. The design and dimensions may vary between models, but the general measurement of a cremation burial vault is around 15x15x18in. Most standard adult urns will fit in this size of a cremation vault. 

Cremation burial vault dimensions can be as small as 180 cubic inches for small children and infants. These burial vaults may directly contain the ashes, or a small urn can be placed inside. 

It's important to consider the shape of your urn when choosing a cremation vault for burial. When the urn is placed in the vault, will you want it to sit upright, or will it need to be laid on its side? A round or oblong urn may fit better if placed upright. 

Like urns, you can choose a burial vault to suit two people. These "companion vaults" can have single or double compartments.  

  1. Personalization Opportunities

Some families choose to purchase a burial vault that is much larger than the cremation urn. This way, they can place keepsakes, photographs, or letters around their loved one's urn before burial. 

Placing these items around the loved one's ashes helps many people come to terms with the finality of death. It gives the family a chance to say some final words and honors the deceased with artifacts from their life. 

In addition to placing memorial items around the urn, some families purchase elaborate cremation burial vaults. These vaults can be stone, granite, or marble. You can decorate many vaults with images or engrave them with the loved one's name. 

Find the Perfect Cremation Burial Vault

Cremation burial vaults are important for dignifying the deceased, protecting cemetery grounds, and providing peace of mind. Cremation burial vault dimensions can seem confusing, but vaults also present an opportunity to include keepsakes and photographs with your loved one's ashes. 

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