Personalized Urns for Adults

At we have been doing business for over 12 years and helped thousands of clients and we have realized that people often times are unique with a special taste and with a desire for a specific and unique urn for a beloved one.

We carry urns for adults that are made of wood, solid brass, marble, synthetic materials, etc. in many different shapes, colors, sizes, dimensions, etc., but still those thousands of adult urns that we carry, sometimes are not what they are looking for.

So we have available in cases like that the personalized urns for adults. What are personalized urns for adults?

Not too long ago a client called to find out if we could place a painting of his wife on an urn, so we asked him to send us a picture of the painting and see what we could do with it. We received the picture and we started working with our in house designer, produced a couple of mock-ups and sent him a couple of options in a vase urn and a box urn, he approved the box urn. It was then custom built and sent to him.

So, that is what a personalized urn for adults is, something that a client will not find on a shelf at the Funeral Home or a website, online store.

There are some legal copyright problems that arise when you work with personalized urns, because sometimes clients would like the logo of a Harley Davidson motorcycle on their urn, or some Disney characters, and all of those are protected by copyright laws, and if we or someone else uses those without consent, then there might be a legal problem.

In this day and age, there are thousands and thousands of cremations urns manufactured all over the world, in different materials, different colors, shapes, etc., even urns that you can customize yourself at home, that come with colored pencils, painting instructions, etc. And, it is becoming more and more popular to have regular urns engraved with names, dates and a sentiment, or even add a clip art.

At we offer adult and infant urns that you may personalize, and they come in solid brass, wood, paper, synthetic materials, etc. and the amount of people choosing to customize is increasing all the time.

People want to remember that loved one in a special way and that is why they want an urn that will remind them who is inside and who was loved and will be remembered.

Probably the most extreme case of urn customization is one we did for a lady, whose husband was a car restoration fanatic and he had many restored in his garage, but his favorite one was a black Cougar, and she wanted to see if we could have a replica sitting on top of an urn along with a nameplate with the name, dates, etc., so we started looking for a replica and we found one, just one that was the right size and the right color and we put together an amazing personalized urn.

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