Harley Davidson Urns for Ashes: Celebrate Your Loved One's Personality

At Urns.com, we know how difficult it can be to lose someone who was extremely close. It is always hard to come to terms with the fact that the person we love will no longer be a physical part of our lives. Loved ones and friends will gather together for funeral services and share in the mourning period that follows death.

However, we sometimes feel that when it comes to the end of someone's life, that we may be going about things all wrong. Yes, we know that it is sad, but would our loved ones really want us to be sad when we still have our own lives to lead? In some countries around the world, funerals are actually festive parties. In some instances it is because the loved ones are holding a celebration of all the accomplishments of the deceased. In other cases, some religious teachings say that evil spirits are drawn to sadness, so the loved ones cheer, laugh, and dance to ward off any negative beings.

Why don't we take a cue from some of these funeral traditions? When we are planning the funeral proceedings for our lost loved one, why not make it a celebration of life rather than a mourning of death? After the actual funeral ceremony, the well-wishers could come together to remember the positive memories and the personality of the person they have just lost. Some of the arrangements can even be made to fall in line with the personality of the deceased. For example, if your friend or family member loved to cruise the road on a motorcycle, then you may want to investigate the possibility of Harley Davidson urns for ashes.

People who ride the open road on two wheels are definitely a part of a specific lifestyle that may seem foreign to those who have not experienced it. But if you ask anyone you know who rides a motorcycle, you will quickly learn how dedicated they are to their bikes and the freedom of the ride. That is why if the person whose life you are celebrating is a biker, they may appreciate the fact that their ashes will remain inside a motorcycle funeral urn for all eternity. Urns.com offers two basic styles of these particular funeral urns:
    • The first are our "Born to Ride" gas tank motorcycle urns. These are hand crafted urns to resemble the part of a bike where you would refuel for your next journey, a fitting tribute to their trip into the ever after. They are made from cold cast polymers and are available with a name plate you can have engraved. These urns come in a variety of colors so that you can find one to match your loved one's personality or actual bike.harley davidson urns for ashes
    • The second type of motorcycle funeral urns are our motorcycle wood urns. These commemorative vessels are hand carved with the image of a bike and an inscription that includes the loved ones name. For some models, you can also include the Harley-Davidson logo.
If you want to celebrate the personality of your friend or family member who was an avid biker, consider motorcycle funeral urns from Urns.com. Click here to browse our selection now.
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