Stud Earrings LoveHeart Rhodium Plated

SKU: udc-4429

What size do I need?

Nothing is more suitable as an accessory jewelry at a funeral than a pair of stud earrings loveheart rhodium plated. The earrings are perfect to commemorate the life of a passed on friend or family member. The stud earrings are sterling silver made and are coated with gleaming rhodium plating. The loveheart shape of the stud earrings loveheart rhodium plated is very enticing and projects the love for the person lost. The earring goes well with almost any dress code. The earrings do not hold any remains, they are just a matching accessory for our pendants and urns.

Features & Benefits

  • Material – Sterling Silver
  • Shape – Peach Shaped Love Heart
  • Finish –Rhodium Plating
  • Packaging – Comes in an elegant box with filling and wiping linen
  • Dimensions: 0.44" W x 0.39" H