Stud Earrings Leaning Heart Gold Vermeil Two Tone

SKU: udc-4426

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The loss of a loved one is very heavy for the soul and the stud earrings leaning heart gold vermeil two tone bears the message quite aptly. The studs are designed in bending heart shape and are polished roughly round the edges with a mire polish at the center to signify the fluttering conditions of a mourning heart. The earrings are very beautiful being made with sterling silver with gold vermeil coating and are matching accessories for our cremation pendants and do not hold any remains.

Features & Benefits

  • Material – Sterling Silver
  • Shape – Leaning Heart
  • Finish – Dual Toned Gold Vermeil Plating
  • Packaging – Comes in an elegant box with filling and wiping linen
  • Dimensions: 0.44" W x 0.39" H