Himalayan Rock Salt Athena Urns

SKU: udc-2533

What size do I need?

The Salt Urns are hand-crafted by skilled artisans from solid blocks of Himalayan Rock Salt. The salt deposits in this region are over 250 million years old and are believed to be the purest on earth. As a result of the hand-made and natural qualities of the Salt Urns, each is unique in both color and finish.

The urns will dissolve within 4 hours, when placed in water. Each urn comes with a biodegradable bag and tie for the cremated remains to be placed in, before being placed inside the urn.

  • Companion Urn: 10.25"H x 13"D, capacity: 400 cubic inches, $899
  • Adult Urn: 10.25"H x 8"D, capacity: 202 cubic inches, $359
  • Medium Urn: 8.5"H x 6.25"D, capacity: 90 cubic inches, $249
  • infant Urn:  6.5"H x 4.5"D, capacity: 40 cubic inches, $199