Fly Fishing Keepsake Urn

SKU: UDC-5040

What size do I need?

This adult urn shows a fisherman in the middle of a beautiful landscape, surrounded by nature. Designed and dedicated especially for those who in life enjoyed going out to the countryside to experience good fishing and spend hours in tranquility and peace.

The Fly Fishing Keepsake Urn is painted on a surface made of 100% aluminum. This urn for remains is from our new signature artists series, plus it is manufactured and imported from India.

  • Capacity for this urn is 3 cubic inches.
  • Comes with a threaded, airtight screw on lid.
  • Dimensions: 2.25" H x 2" Diameter.
  • When making your purchase you get a complimentary
    carrying pouch as a gift.