Esteem Natural Wood Urn

SKU: udc-2498

What size do I need?

The Esteem Wood Cremation Urn is part of our collection of unique wooden Remembrance Urns.

All of our wooden urns for ashes are hand crafted, so every urn is unique in its own way. With its carefully rounded shape and glossy finish, this wood cremation urn is the ideal place to lay a loved one to rest. Hand crafted in Mahogany wood and finished with a clear polymer high gloss finish.

This cremation adult urn is made of Mahogany or Radiata and has a clear coat to protect the wood.

Size: 7" H x 7" W x 11" L Capacity: 200 cubic inches

This Esteem Wood Cremation Urn is perfect to display inside a home, so your loved one will always be close by.