Cremation Pendant TearDrop Gold Vermeil Two Tone

SKU: udc-4432

What size do I need?

The latest cremation pendant teardrop rhodium plated is an image of mourning journals. The interestingly made rhodium polished pendant is composed of sterling silver that fits as a fiddle while connoting the closeness of the lost individual to the heart. The pendant is compartmentalized for putting away a few bits of cremation remains of the lost ones. The teardrop shape and the glistening appearance makes the cremation pendant teardrop rhodium plated a mirror for a grieving heart.

Features & Benefits

  • Material – Sterling Silver
  • Shape – Comma Shaped Tear Drop
  • Finish – Rhodium Plating
  • Accessory – A 20" adjustable snake pattern jewelry chain
  • Packaging – Comes in an elegant box with filling kit and wiping linen
  • Dimensions: 0.55" W x 0.71" H