Cremation Pendant Butterfly Gold Vermeil Two Tone

SKU: udc-4468

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Butterflies are the carrier of the souls embarking on the journey towards eternity. The Cremation Pendant Butterfly Gold Vermeil Two Tone is great ornament to materialize that notion and keep a portion of your loved one remains close to you at all times.

Features & Benefits

  • Cremation Jewelry Type – Cremation Pedant with Chain
  • Material – Sterling Silver
  • Shape – Solid Butterfly Silhouette Shaped with four winglets
  • Uniqueness – Three of the four winglets are colored with matted gold while the top left winglet exhibits glossy silver hue
  • Finish – Dual Toned Gold Vermeil Plating
  • Accessory – A 20" long 925 Snake Chain
  • Packaging – Comes in an elegant Treasure Box with filling kit and a Polishing Cloth
  • Dimensions: 0.59" W x 0.60" H