Classic Cuddle Pet Urn

SKU: udc-4022

What size do I need?

Part of the Classic Cuddle Collection, these solid brass pet urn come in three different sizes, and they are adorned with paw prints and would make a beautiful memorial for a beloved pet.

Hand-engraved gold paw prints are stamped onto the top of the lid and the side of the lid, which is trimmed with gold to match the paw prints above, adds elegance and grace to this round urn.

A deep pewter finish protects the piece as well as adds a comforting base for the paw prints.

  • Smal Urn Dimensions: 3.5" H x 4" W, Capacity: 30 cubic inches
  • Medium Urn Dimensions: 4" H x 5" W, Capacity: 45 cubic inches
  • Large Urn Dimensions: 5.5" H x 6" W, Capacity: 80 cubic inches