Blue Bouquet Lamp Keepsake

SKU: udc-4104

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Crafted from hand-cut pieces of stained glass, our LED Blue Bouquet Lamp Keepsake showcases artistry and excellence. A hummingbird is hovering over a beautiful stained glass vase lamp looking for nectar on this beautiful cremation keepsake lamp. This cremation keepsake does hold a small portion of remains in the resin base, which opens from the bottom.

The flower detail on the top of the stained glass is beautiful and each is slightly different, guaranteeing each to be unique. Using the highest quality materials available, each piece of glass is carefully crafted using the copper foil technique.

Developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany over 100 years ago, this unique process ensures no two glass pieces are exactly alike, making each a treasured heirloom keepsake.

  • Dimensions:  6" D x 11.75" H, Capacity: Nominal
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