Beer Barrel Cremation Necklace

SKU: UDC-5261

What size do I need?

Made of Sterling Silver with a lot of detail and a very good quality finish, the Beer Barrel Cremation Pendant is an excellent option to remember that loved one who liked to have a good time and share unforgettable moments with friends or family.

You can fill it through a small screw, once the screw is set flush and tight in the pendant, the threads will bind and stop any elements from passing in or out of the chamber.

It comes with a high quality Italian made 18”, 20” and 24” chain and is 0.08” thick. We also add to your product a Sterling Silver Scoop accompanied by instructions to help you fill the pendant.

  • Dimensions: 0.62" H. x 0.78" W. x 0.31" D.