Baby Blocks Wood Infant Cremation Urn

SKU: udc-3275-01

What size do I need?

Crafted with love in a beautiful way to remember your beloved child, this Baby Blocks Wood Infant Cremation Urn has Baby Blocks engraved on it and you may also engrave the name and dates to personalize your urn.

These infant urns are made of solid red oak and red alder wood and are bottom sealed with 4 brass screws and have pads to protect furniture.

  • Size Small: 5-5/8” X 4-1/8” X 4-1/4", Capacity: 12 cubic inches, $129
  • Size Medium: 6-5/8” X 5-1/8” X 6-1/2”, Capacity 32 cubic inches, $129
  • Size Large: 6-5/8” X 5-1/8” X 8-1/2”, Capacity 50 Cubic Inches, $149