Dog House Pet Urn
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Dog House Pet Urn

Beautiful wood pet urn, made from solid birch wood. In addition to the picture frame, each Dog House Urn has a compartment in the roof where a leas...

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Wooden Pet Urns

When your pet has passed on, it's important to keep his or her memory alive. Your pet was like a member of the family and deserves to be honored. Your pet brought joy and light into your life, made you laugh, smile, and of course, fall in love. At the time of your pet's passing, let us help you keep his or her memory alive with our beautiful pet cremation urns.

Choose from Photo Pet urns as well as one with a laser engraved image or poem, as well as urns in the shape of a dog house or other options listed below.

These beautiful wooden urns are crafted with care and precision so that your furry or feathered loved one gets a final resting place that's perfect – just like the love you shared with your pet. As a fitting tribute that can be kept in your home for many years to come to keep the memory alive.