Wood Infant Urns

It is never easy when a child has passed on, but when your newborn has completed his or her journey on Earth, we will be there to provide comfort and a final resting place. Our infant urns are crafted with care from gorgeous woods like a Maple Ark Urnor a Radiata Urn that can provide a fitting and moving tribute to the memory of your baby as you heal during this difficult time. Your child deserves something beautiful; one of these urns can be the final resting place you’ve been searching for.

There are also a variety of motifs and designs available to complement the memory of your child, including rocking chairs, children’s toys, angels, and hearts, so that you can find one that will keep your child alive in your hearts while giving you the peace you need to recover from your grief. Celebrate the eternal life of your baby; your baby’s memory will live on in you for a lifetime.