Teardrop Cremation Jewelry

At Urns.com, we know that it is always difficult to let go of someone you love. However, just because someone has passed on doesnÕt mean that you canÕt keep the memory close to your heart. Our selection of cremation jewelry is a stunning and elegant way to keep that special person with you always while ensuring you always remind yourself to celebrate his or her life. You can choose a Tear Drop Brushed Brass Pendant, a Silvergold Tear Drop Pendant or one of our Brushed Pewter Tear Drop Jewelry. The teardrop pendants come in a variety of finishes, such as brass, pewter, silver, and others.

As a memorable and moving tribute, cremation jewelry is something youÕll be proud to wear every day or on a very special day. Many people find that it gives them some measure of peace after a great loss. Let us help you celebrate the life of someone you love while keeping that person with you always.