Steve Shannon Artistic Wood Urns

When youÕre looking urns, so many emotions are running high. This is a difficult and sad time and you want to choose something absolutely perfect for your loved one.

Steve Shannon is an artist that designs and crafts wood urns in the USA to create pieces of art. This collection of polished wood urns and keepsake urns are artistically hand- crafted by segmenting multiple pieces of natural woods together, hand-turning them, and sealing them with a urethane finish polished to a glass-like shine.

Our Padauk Wooden Urns might be perfect or you can choose from our selection of Yellowheart and Black Walnut Urns or Maple and Black Walnut Urns. You can expect excellent customer service and fast shipping when you purchase an item from us as it is our honor to bring some measure of peace to you in your time of need.