Speckled Hand Painted Urns

Urns.com is proud to offer this stunning selection of speckled hand painted urns in auburn, green and purple. Each of these unique urns is crafted from high quality polymers and is a work of art unto itself. Fitting for both men and women, these make a respectful final resting place for those who possessed an appreciation for creative design and the striking elegance and impact of simplicity. Proving that less can indeed be more, these hand painted urns rely on the teardrop shape to convey a message of loss that is beyond words.

Each of the teardrop urns in our speckled collection has a capacity of 200 cubic inches and is individually hand painted. These highly-polished urns showcase the brilliance your loved one brought in life, literally reflecting all the beauty around them. Choose the color that best captures your loved oneÕs personality and find comfort in having chosen a final resting place that is bold, captivating, colorful and uniqueÉjust like them.
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