Flying Doves Urn
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Flying Doves Urn

Flying doves soar free on this gorgeous tranquil blue Divine Collection Urn. The doves are silver, matching the silver trim underneath the lid. The...

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Solid Brass Vase Urns

When honoring the memory of your loved one, there is nothing more beautiful or timeless than the rich look of glimmering brass. We're proud to carry a stunning line of decorative urns made from solid brass so that you can give your loved one the respectful, elegant tribute you know he or she deserves. Each one offers a graceful vase design that's ready to be displayed or treasured for many years to come.

Featuring gorgeous designs and decorative motifs, this selection offers look of distinction and is perfect for displaying in your home so that you can always keep the memory of your loved one alive. Whether it's a decorative solid brass urn with a Marble Patina or the Bouquet featuring a floral design or an Americana crafted with symbols of Americana, or the Dynasty Silvergold or an Angel Urn, each one is a simple yet elegant choice for honoring the memory of your loved one.