Solid Brass Urns

Honor your loved one, and lay them to rest in a beautifully crafted urn made from solid brass and carved with stunning designs. Our large selection includes an array of colors and finishes. Whether you’re looking for a uniquely designed urn or a more original shape, you’ll definitely find the perfect one for your loved one in our vast assortment of urns for ashes.

A solid brass Teardrop urn will keep the memory of your loved one alive, helping you to relive the fond memories the two of you shared. Nature lovers can be close to nature in the afterlife when they’re laid to rest in a nature urn. Choose from three different nature urn designs including, Oak, Aspen, and butterfly. Our collection of brass vase urns offers unique designs, such as patriotic urns, or choose one with a marble patina or decorated with floral designs.

Keep your loved ones close, even after they’ve passed on, with a stunning brass cremation urns.