Simplicity Marble and Granite Urns

When it comes to choosing urns for ashes, simplicity sometimes goes a long way. The simple aesthetic of these cremation urns makes them appear classic, charming and beautiful. The simplicity cremation urns are crafted from high caliber marble, granite, and onyx and the illustrious shine of these polished stones make the pieces speak for themselves. The Simplicity collection includes highly polished onyx urns, granite urns and marble urns in a variety of colors, and all extremely stunning and perfect for honoring the memory of your loved one.

Cremation urns from are priced exceptionally low, which makes choosing urns for ashes easier during your time of grieving.  The beauty of these onyx urns, granite urns and marble urns make them perfect memorial for your loved one, and the simple design and high quality stone make them a true work of art.  The Simplicity collection cremation urns are manufactured by hand using premium stones and the best possible techniques to provide you with super marble urns, granite urns and onyx urns. For the best prices, fastest shipping and great customer service, shop