Simplicity Biodegradable Urns

The Simplicity biodegradable cremation urns are a unique and natural way to honor the memory of a loved one. Each Simplicity urn is made from a natural handmade paper that will naturally break down over time. The paper is made from the bark of the Mulberry tree which naturally sheds as it grows, allowing the makers to produce these urns without physically harming the trees. This is an important point to consider if your loved one was an environmentally conscious individual.

The design of the Simplicity urn is somewhat special because it can be used in one of two ways. It can be used as a traditional burial urn for ashes, but it can also be used as a scattering urn for a loved one who wishes to have their remains scattered in a special place. If the simplicity urn is used as a traditional burial urn it will naturally break down over time without harming the environment.  No matter which way you use Simplicity biodegradable urns you will be making an earth conscious choice by choosing a natural product.