Serenity Urns

As many of us can relate, it is extremely difficult to deal with the passing of a loved one. The gentle, peaceful, and warm feeling of our Serenity Urn Collection is second to none, and is a fantastic way to pay your respects to a loved one because it provides you with a special way of remembering those who have passed on. Our beautiful and unique decorative Polystone Urns are cast from high quality polystone and are available in angel, flower and eagle themes.

These serenity urns are augmented by natural colors, in pewter or hand painted. At, our collection of decorative serenity urns is truly a work of art and a beautiful way to remember your loved one. This collection is uniquely personalized with a “wrap around” vinyl appliqué depicting your loved one's name, dates and picture. These keepsake urns are the perfect way to commemorate your loved one. Our standard is the most fast and effective shipping, along with the most considerate and excellent customer service we can give you to the best of our abilities.