Sand and Gelatin Urns offers a collection of sand and gelatin urns that can provide a touching memorial and ash holder for your departed loved one. These eco-friendly urns are attractive, hand-painted by skilled artisans. Choosing among biodegradable urns may hold a special place in your heart or in the hearts of your family.

Sand urns feature holes along the bottom, which allows water to enter quickly, giving the urn a graceful and brief floating period before sinking. Our styles include serene colors, such as aqua blue and pearl, as well as an ocean sand urn that has a terra cotta feel. This sand urn also has tiny footprints as an added touch of sentiment.

When you buy from this collection of biodegradable urns, you’ll not only have a beautiful capsule to honor your loved one, but an urn that is not harmful to the environment. Let provide the sand urns you need to create a lasting memory of the dearly departed.