Pewter Urns Collection

With the many styles and possibilities for customization, cremation urns make it possible to keep your loved one close or memorialize their presence in your life. Brass urns provide long-term durability, and the pewter urns collection enhances the aesthetics with a finish of this timeless material. With a classic shape and felt bottom, pewter cremation urns are a great choice for display on glass and wooden tabletops or stone mantles.

The large urns from this collection have a maximum capacity of 202 cubic inches. With the medium at 87 cubic inches and the small at 43 cubic inches, you have the option of a single urn display in Classic Brushed Pewter or giving others close to the dearly departed an opportunity to create their own visual memorial. The pewter keepsake is another option for sharing this lasting connection. At almost three inches tall, these Classic Brushed Pewter Keepsakes hold three cubic inches.

All pewter urns from the brass collection come in a velvet case for display or safe storage. Personal inscription may be added on small, medium, and large urns.