Nature Collection Keepsake Pendants

In a time of great loss and pain, sometimes it helps to turn to Mother Nature for guidance. Our world holds so much mystery and wonder and as you cope with the loss of a loved one, our planet can provide you with a small symbol of hope and understanding. Everything from the leaves on the trees to the butterflies that visit each and every flower can help you remember the beauty that life holds, not to mention, the beauty that someone you loved brought to your life. With this in mind, you’ll love this Maple Leaf Pendant Urn or a Dolphin Keepsake Pendant that brings you peace.

Commemorate the life of someone special by wearing something from our cremation pendant collection. Our Dove Keepsake Pendant is inspired by nature and will remind you of how beautiful and wonderful life can be. From striking leaves to gorgeous interpretations of wildlife, the cremation necklace options keep the memory of your loved one alive while celebrating the rejuvenation and rebirth of the spirit in nature.