Monterrey Aluminum Brass Urn Collection

Here at we offer only the highest quality and most exquisite looking urns available. With such a wide variety to choose from it'll be easy to find the perfect urn to honor and remember your loved one. One of our most simplistic yet elegant categories of urns is our aluminum brass cremation urns. We offer a number of different types of metal cremation urns, including our Monterey Collection of solid brass urns.

Our solid brass urns in the Monterey Collection come in three different colors, a soft blue finish, a purple one and a ruby finish. These aluminum brass cremation urns and keepsakes offer a simple, yet elegant look that would be perfect to display in your home to always honor and remember your loved one. These metal cremation urns are also available in three sizes. There is the large urn and two sizes of keepsake urns, a similar shaped keepsake as the urn and a heart shaped keepsake urn. The keepsakes urns are the perfect way to keep your loved one close at all times or to share their memory with other family memories.