Metal Inlaid Wood Urns Collection

Designed and crafted in the USA with the utmost concentration on quality, we have a large selection of inlaid metal urns to choose from like our Two Parrots Rosewood Urn which is a perfect memorial for the loved one in your life. Unique and decorative, the wood urn is crafted from the finest rosewood, which includes a plethora of beautiful artistic etchings such as cherry blossoms, crosses, and other illustrations to represent the interests of those you love. Inlaid with the finest metal, make the perfect memorial piece for the loss of a loved one.

Our wood urns are always of the highest quality, and designed to provide the best memorial possible. Remember, honor, and forever pay respect with a Pinecone Caribbean Rosewood Urn. With the fastest shipping and most exceptional customer service, there’s no better place to find Tree of Life Caribbean Rosewood Urn.