Inspirational Urns

When our loved ones have passed on, many of us find strength and comfort in our faith. Or, our loved ones found guidance and hope in their faith throughout their lives and were always dedicated to their faith. For these cases, inspirational urns are the perfect way to find comfort and peace and to represent your loved ones perfectly. Keep the ashes of your loved ones in one of our inspirational or religious urns to keep them close to their faith and to bring peace in your time of grief.

We offer a wide range of religious themes including Jewish urns with an inlaid Star of David or a Menorah, along with Catholic urns that include crosses, praying hands, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the LordÕs Prayer, and the Lord is my Shepherd. Some of our inspirational urns can also be found in the same style for companions.

Purchase an inspirational urn for your religious loved ones who have passed on. Find peace and comfort in your time of sorrow in our beautiful religious urns crafted with love.

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