Infinita Marble Urns Collection has a wide variety of stone cremation urns to choose from.  However, some of the most exquisite ones available include the Infinita Marble Urns Collection. This collection has a unique style and look to them. This specific collection of marble cremation urns has a square shape, unlike the tradition urn. These marble urns for ashes are also available in four distinct colors, including rust, wine, beige, and brown.

Our Infinita Marble Urns have a distinct shape, unique colors and each one is one-of-a-kind. Each urn is created with a genuine piece of marble, and no two pieces ever look exactly the same. This allows you to purchase one of our marble cremation urns that is just as unique as your loved one. We also carry companion marble urns for couples or family members who want to spend infinity together, even after they have passed on. Choose for the most distinctive and personal urns to remember and honor your loved one.  Be sure to choose a polished and classy urn that you will be proud and honored to display in your home for years to come by purchasing one of our distinct marble cremation urns.