Hand Painted Serenity Urns

A personalized and elegant memorial option is available with these hand painted metal urns in the perfect style for your dearly departed. They come in several categories, such as the nature and rainbow collections. Several shapes are also available. Whether you plan to spread the ashes or keep them in a special place, they will provide a special memorial for your loved one.

The speckled, hand painted urns are created in green, auburn, and purple. The tear-drop urn is highly polished and presents a bold appearance. The nature selection comes in several textures painted with themed, natural scenes. The darker tones of the meadow obelisk or winter themes contrast with lighter views of nature seen with the prairie and spring theme.

Choose from Hand Painted Flowers, a Hand Painted Lily or a beloved hand painted urn with an angel theme or one of the other options shown below.

A natural scene reminiscent of the final location is accomplished with this selection of decorative cremation urns.