Hand Painted Urns

Our wide-ranging and elegant collection of Metal urns includes some of the most beautiful, stunning, and well-designed cremation urns available. It is possible to choose from our collection of Nature Hand Painted Urns, Swirl Hand Painted, Speckled Hand Painted, Designer Hand Painted, and Rainbow Hand Painted Urns!

Each of these exquisite Speckled Urns is handcrafted to perfection and designed with the elements of nature in mind. Our decorative hand painted urns for ashes feature some of the most classically beautiful designs and shapes, as well as our keepsake urns and cremation jewelry.

The striking beauty and modest elegance of these handcrafted urns is a perfect way to honor and respect your loved one. Shop our beautiful collection and choose from classic shapes or a unique teardrop shaped urn, which is perfect for honoring a loved one.