Glenwood Blue Marble Urns

Our collection of Glenwood blue urns feature two keepsake urnsand one large cremation urn, each lovingly crafted to make gorgeous ash holders for your lost loved one. These alloy metal urns feature a beautiful marble finish, painted with a durable finish over brass. Because each urn is handcrafted, you can take comfort in knowing that each one is unique, no two are alike.

These blue urns may hold a special significance for you. Whether it is a favorite hue of your departed family member or friend, or if it happens to inspire a calming peace in your home, you’ll appreciate the dignity with which these metal urns hold the ashes of your loved one. is dedicated to helping you through the grieving process and hold on to the happy memories you have for a lost loved one. It is our mission to offer products that will help you remember better days with a sense of peace.