Genuine Marble Keepsakes Collection

This collection of marble keepsake urns features several combinations of small, classical shaped urns with an accompanying velvet box. The marble urn color options include teakwood with a blue velvet box, white with a red velvet box, black with a gray box, and cream with a chocolate brown box. Lovely and serene, these keepsake urns will hold a small portion of ashes or a lock of hair to keep the memory of your lost loved one right there with you forever.

Each handcrafted marble urn is simple in design and made from natural stone. Because each one is bottom loaded, it can stand alone or be presented in the velvet, heart-shaped box. Each one is three inches tall and had three cubic inches of capacity for cremains.


Choose from a Teakwood, White Grain, a Black Grain or one of other types of marble listed below.

We have a vast selection of keepsake urns, full sized urns, jewelry, and many other items intended to help those left behind mourn when a loved one has passed.