Embrace Biodegradable Urns

If your loved one had a profound love of nature or an understanding that he or she was one with the world, it's important to capture that appreciation in his or her final resting place. Biodegradable paper urns are the perfect way to honor your loved one's wishes while still participating in a traditional ground burial. Eco-friendly yet elegant, these biodegradable urns are designed to make your loved one's transition back to the earth as respectful as possible.

Shaped like a memory box and crafted beautifully out of mulberry paper, these biodegradable urns from our Embrace collection are perfect for honoring the life of your loved one without leaving behind a huge environmental footprint. Simply bury your paper urn and let the transition back to the source begin. There's no waste and no barrier between your loved one and the natural world. Instead, you get a moving tribute that is both eco-friendly and timeless. It was what your loved one would have wanted.

Choose an Embrace paper urn to be your loved one's final resting place.