Dimensional Series

Our collection of wood cremation urns offer classic styles. The inlaid clocks or etchings make for an impressive, personalized resting place for the remains of your loved one. The three dimensional inlay wood urns are simply gorgeous, especially the Legacy Clock Lighthouse.

Using a combination of laser etching in solid oak or walnut and inlaid colored hardwoods, craftsmen create incredibly majestic scenes in a three-dimensional mosaic on as in the Garden Walk Inlaid Urn.

Some of our favorite designs include the Soaring Eagle, Golden Gate and Hummingbird Wood Cremation Urns, which are inspirational. Our Garden Walk, Waterfall, Covered Bridge, and Country Lane Cremation styles are calming. Our Road Home series with Motorcycle Ride Home or Horse Ride Home are beautifully personal. You can rely on us to provide outstanding quality, rapid shipping, and superb customer assistance in your time of need.