Cultured Marble Pet Urns

Beautifully crafted, this collection of pet urns is designed to be a dignified resting place for your pet and a respectful means of remembrance for you and your family. Exquisitely made and painted, these cultured marble cat and dog urns, and more are stunning to look at and will help you pay homage to the warmth and love your pet brought to you during their life. Today, you’re grieving the loss of a best friend, but these pet urns will give you a physical reminder of all the good times you shared.

Choose from a Good Day Sunshine dog urn or the Forever and Ever cat urn, as well as many other options listed below.

You’ll appreciate the ornate images and fine attention to detail in each cultured marble urn. With vibrant colors and realistic imagery, each one offers a message of peace and serenity. Note in particular the Rainbow Bridge dog urnwith a bridge signifying the passing life. Our cat urns show the regal and majestic history of felines as well as their loving nature.

Your pet served a very important role and we are very happy to help you give him or her an important place in your home after they have left this world.

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