Silver Tone Bar Cremation Pendant

SKU: UDC-5122

What size do I need?

It is a beautiful cremation necklace made of Stainless Steel, stylized, sober and elegant with colored stones that represent and simulate the birthstone of each month of the year. Giving a special meaning to the pendant that can store a small but significant amount of ashes.

The Silver Tone Bar Cremation Pendant opens at the top through a threaded bail. We recommend putting a dab of glue on the screw to ensure it doesn't come off. As a gift with the purchase we give you a 22” snake chain that matches the cremation necklace and also a double-stitched microfiber jewelry bag.

A birthstone is a gemstone that can be precious, semiprecious or simulated that represents a person's month of birth or zodiac sign.

  • Engraving: Give a personal touch to your memorial pendant by adding 1 line of text for only $24. The engraving will be added on the back of the jewel. The font used is Arial.
    • Engraving takes 3 to 5 business days.
  • Stones come in 12 different colors:
    • Red tone of January's birthstone, Garnet, signifies protection.
    • Velvety purple tone of February's birthstone, Amethyst, signifies wisdom.
    • Liquid blue tone of March's birthstone, Aquamarine, signifies serenity.
    • Diamond-like dazzle of April's birthstone, Diamond, signifies strength.
    • Lustrous green tone of May's birthstone, Emerald, signifies growth.
    • Soft lilac tone of June's birthstone, Light Amethyst, signifies calm.
    • Radiant red tone of July's birthstone, Ruby, signifies passion.
    • Yellow-green tone of August's birthstone, Peridot, signifies strength.
    • Brilliant blue tone of September's birthstone, Sapphire, signifies wisdom.
    • Delightful pink tone of October's birthstone, Rose Quartz, signifies   faithfulness.
    • Golden yellow tone of November's birthstone, Sapphire, signifies success.
    • Wintery blue tone of December's birthstone, Blue Zircon, signifies strenght and good fortune.
  • Dimensions: 1.94" H. (includes bail), 0.46" W., 0.46" D (4.93 x 1.17 cm.)
  • Optional Fill Kit: Useful to be able to fill the cremains in the cremation pendant easily. The kit comes with: instructions, small funnel, mini screwdriver, wooden toothpick. Add it for only $3.