Teardrop Glass Art Cremation Keepsake

SKU: UDC-5064

What size do I need?

The Teardrop is a small keepsake in which you can store the ashes of your loved one in a unique and very personal way.

Made with great care by skilled craftsmen and artists who fuse the glass with the ashes to turn it into a beautiful piece of art ready to be displayed in a special place in your home or wherever you want to put it. What we want is that the urn is no longer kept in a dark corner or stored in an unreachable place, but that it comes to light and becomes part of your life.

  • You can choose between 6 beautiful different colors: red, amber, green, royal purple, cobalt blue, blue grey.
  • Dimensions: 3" W x 5" H
  • Each of these pieces is unique and different; different from everything else seen before and unique when you receive yours since each urn is handmade.
  • The Process:
    Upon completing your order, we will send you a collection kit and pre-labeled padded envelope to fill in the cremated remains, which will be addressed directly to the artist. We take responsibility for the shipping cost of this kit.
      1. Using the enclosed plastic scoop, please put 5 scoops of the cremated remains into the enclosed, labeled, ziplock bag. If commingling ashes of more than one loved one, please mix before filling.

      2. Put the labeled bag into the larger, clear cello plastic bag. Using one of our logo labels, close the cello bag and put into the padded Express Mail padded envelope.

      3. Please seal the Express Mail padded envelope tightly with tape (your order confirmation will be inside the envelope).

      4. Drop off the envelope at the post office and get a receipt with your tracking number.  Please email sales@urns.com with your tracking number and order number.
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