Cloisonne Keepsake Urns

Cloisonne refers to the enamel decoration in which the enamel is applied and fired in raised cells on a metal background. This technique lends itself well to decorative urns, such as those found in this keepsake collection.

This collection offers a wide range of different shapes and designs, each with its own unique beauty. You can find an urn with a subtle floral pattern, like the Azure Blue, one with Flying Doves, or a butterfly urn. Each one is a work of art and one is sure to speak to the memory of your departed loved one.

Browse this line of decorative urns and choose one that you love. From simple and subdued to bright and bold, there is something here that is sure to be perfect.

It is our goal to have great selection of quality urns at a fair price, delivered with fast shipping and excellent customer care.