Brass Keepsakes

Our wide selection of Brass Keepsake Urns make it easier to thoughtfully remember your loved one. They are available in a variety of themes and materials to fit your wishes. Each urn is 2-3/4-inches high and comes in a velvet heart-shaped box for safe keeping. In addition to brass we have a selection in other metals, including platinum, pewter, and our Classic SilverGold Series.

Keepsake urns can also commemorate your loved one's special interests. Themed urns include eagles, roses, eternal ring, renaissance, Americana, marble patina, black Toledo hand and angels. Our selection includes other items such as teardrop brass keepsakes, heart-shaped boxes, dimensional boxes, angel boxes, sculpted or metal figurines, clocks cremation keepsakes and solid brass shell keepsakes. Many of our keepsake urns can be manufactured to match our larger cremation urns.

Choose from an Eternal Ring, a Patina keepsake urn or one of the many other choices below.

Whatever you select, all of our urns come with our unparalleled customer service and fast shipping on every order.