Artisan Auburn Urns

When a loved one leaves us, all we can do is cherish our memories and keep their spirit alive as we go forward. graciously offers memorial urns, specifically our Artisan Auburn painted urns. Each one has remarkable detail and varies in finish for its own special uniqueness.  This collection of brass urns has one large container, one metal keepsake, and one heart keepsake, which is available with the stand.

The beauty and elegance of these memorial urns can be lovingly given a place of honor in your home. This can represent a somber memento to help loved ones remember the one who has passed and give their passed loved ones room in their home, forever treasuring their life. features a vast and carefully selected collection of memorial urns, scattering tubes, and much more to facilitate the grieving process and give deceased loved ones the dignity they deserve. Our Artisan Auburn memorial urns are beautiful, as are other collection found here.