Angel Keepsakes Boxes

Our Angel keepsake boxes are beautiful, artistic, and will help you feel like a guardian angel is keeping watch over your departed loved one as they pass from this world to the next. This keepsake box is also a gentle and peaceful reminder that although you may greatly miss someone who has died, they keep watch as your own guardian angel.

These keepsake boxes are not only lovely for holding ashes, each one can also serve as a memento box. For instance, when a grandmother passes away, small trinkets or locks of hair can be placed in these little boxes and given out to grandchildren as a comforting reminder that she is still looking out for them.

Choose from a Reflections Angel, a Heart Angel, or a Flower Angel depicted on the top of a keepsake box or one of the other options listed below.

Take a moment to look at all of the gorgeous images etched in these box lids to find one that is perfectly suited to your passed loved one. Each one is beautifully detailed and just the right size for holding a portion of ashes or a precious token of remembrance.