Circle of Life Cremation Pendant

SKU: UDC-5158

What size do I need?

Reminding us of the value of the cycle of life and of life itself, the Circle of Life Cremation Pendant is minimalist and clean but with a powerful message. The material used to make it is Stainless Steel and you can fill it with a small amount of cremains.

There is a tiny threaded screw embedded at the bottom of the circle where you can add your loved one's ashes.

Take along with the pendant a 22” silken black cord and a double-stitched microfiber jewelry bag.

  • Choose between 6 different colors: Silver-tone, Gold-tone, Rose Gold-tone, Blue, Gunmetal, Black.
  • Dimensions: 0.93" H, 0.94" W, 0.23" D
  • Optional Fill Kit: Useful to be able to fill the cremains in the cremation pendant easily. The kit comes with: instructions, small funnel, mini screwdriver, wooden toothpick. Add it for only $3.