Alabastrite Urns Collection

Reminiscent of early cemetery gravestones, these classic Alabastrite resin urns invoke an old world feel inspired in the Italian Renaissance style. Each one is are crafted out of cold-cast alabastrite resin. Each piece is then coated with a traditional marbleized veneer giving it a beautiful smooth texture as well as an exquisite, one-of-a-kind pattern and coloration, making each one completely unique.

  • Honor the life of your loved one with this Majestic Eagle, perched in his environment. The engraving on this urn is truly indescribable—each feather and strand of hair holds incredible detail.
  • Encase the ashes of your loved one in the Angel in Mourning urn. Inspired by the gorgeous gravesite sculpture William Story created for his wife, this enchanting Angel commemorates love and loss beautifully.
  • Was your loved one deeply religious, or a great admirer of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the Pieta? If so, the Pieta urn, inspired by Michelangelo’s magical and enchanting sculpture will be a perfect tribute to their life.

The detailing and craftsmanship put into these decorative pieces make for beautiful and breathtaking works of art.

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